What is happening
with the
Tom Thomson Trail

Blockage on 22 SR. Someone has been blocking access to the Sideroad 22 section of the Tom Thomson Trail near the town of Meaford. We understand your concern that large 4×4 trucks are making a mess of the trail, but this road allowance cannot be blocked. There are landowners that require access to their property and the municipality of Meaford asks that this road allowance be open. Please do not block it.

New Trail Markings: Look for the yellow band on trees. We have just started marking this way, so all the trail is not done yet.

Rugged Conditions: The Silcote East Section that follows next to the Meaford Tank Range is in very poor shape. Large rocks protrude on the surface with deep ruts and potholes filled with water.

Pavement Damage: Because of the high water levels on Georgian Bay as well as recent storms, a section of the pavement along the shoreline trail in Owen Sound has broken away. There is also rubble on top of the pavement. Please be careful when cycling or walking along this section.

Washouts: With the recent heavy rain, downhill sections of the trail have ruts and washouts. Please be careful when descending hills.