There are many ways you can help us financially to maintain and improve this trail. Please see the various options below. For more information you can contact the Group at:

Tom Thomson Trail Group
c/o 148 Atkins Street
Owen Sound, ON N4K 6V5

Metre of Trail
You can purchase metres of the trail at $100.00 per metre. Your contribution will be used to pay for needed maintenance and improvements to this beautiful trail. Your name will be placed on the trailhead kiosk as a contributor to the Tom Thomson Trail.

Pet Memorial Bricks
A brick patio built under the Trailhead Kiosks includes a lasting memorial to our pets. In recognition of pet owners who make a donation to the Trail, we will add a pet’s name to the memorial. For a minimum $60.00 donation a brick will be placed with your pet’s name engraved as a lasting memory.

Larger Donations 
If you wish to make a larger personal or corporate donation to the TTT use our email address ( to contact us for more information and ways you can help.