Welcome to the Tom Thomson Trail
The Tom Thomson Trail is a non-motorized, multi-use (biking, hiking and horseback riding), 3-season (Spring through Fall) trail between Owen Sound and Meaford. On-road and off-road sections of trail are marked with directional signs and kilometre markers between the two trailhead kiosks in Fred Raper Park in Meaford and north of the Bayshore Community Centre in Owen Sound. Much of the trail is located on quiet back country roads, since we did not have an abandoned rail bed to follow. The trail has varied surfaces, steep sections and is suitable for hybrid or mountain bikes.

R.I.P. Tom Thomson
Do his bones at peace in Leith repose?
Or up at Canoe Lake, do you suppose?
This quiet man met a frightful end
In the North he loved, midst many a friend.
So why the mystery, why the fret?
All these years have passed, and yet
No answers to this puzzle are supplied
As to how he perished, how he died.
And, were his coffin and remains exhumed?
Or left in Algonquin as many assumed?
Ponder these enigmas as you will,
The solution evades our questions still.
So if you care to gaze and tread
Where once Tom wandered and laid his head,
Then come to pay a visit without fail
To the wonderful, scenic Tom Thomson Trail.
And if at twilight you chance to see
A tall dark-haired, strolling mystery,
Then sure enough you’ve seen the ghost
Of Tom, your guide and humble host.

By Len Rhodes, Tom Thomson Trail Volunteer, December 2016